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Grow Your MLM Marketing Network with Lead Capture Pages

People who are new to MLM marketing often look for simple and inexpensive ways to grow their downlines and increase business. Lead capture pages are great ways to boost any MLM marketing network, thereby increasing profits and leading to unprecedented success.

What are Lead Capture Pages?

In short, lead capture pages are ‘landing pages’ that consumers will visit before they are ever directed to the actual company website. For instance, if the MLM marketing network company sells books, the lead capture page will essentially provide basic information to interested consumers about what type of books the company sells. If the consumer is interested in reading more, they will be asked to enter their email address and name into a form before being redirected. The lead capture page essentially stores this information for later use, whether for auto-responses via email or even a personal email letter written specifically for that visitor.

Replicated MLM Websites

These days, so much business is conducted on the internet that almost every MLM marketing network has some sort of website that is replicated for use by each of its associates. While long hours of hard work have gone into creating these websites and they can certainly provide useful information to consumers, most of them do not include the technology necessary for capturing leads, responding automatically and notifying the associate that a lead has viewed the website. Lead capture pages are flexible in that consumers can use them in conjunction with a replicated MLM website or with their own sales site in an effort to maximize profits and downline building opportunities.

Lead Capture Pages are Teasers

The most important thing to remember about lead capture pages is that they are not designed to provide consumers with all of the information about a product or service up front. In fact, the main reason why they work is that they are written in such a way that they spark curiosity and entice the reader to learn more. This way, the reader feels compelled to continue on to the actual website and get more information. When they enter their email addresses before continuing to the site, the website owner is provided with a fantastic opportunity to follow up with the consumer later to answer any questions or perhaps even provide that last little nudge that will cause them to act.

Directing People to Lead Capture Pages

Of course, even the best lead capture page will be of no assistance if people cannot find it. As such, anyone interested in building an MLM marketing network should remember to post on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more with a moderate frequency that is likely to garner several website hits per day. Article marketing is another wonderful prospect that can work wonders in generating website traffic, especially when the writer uses plenty of backlinks that will take users straight to the lead capture page. Finally, word of mouth advertisement should never be overlooked. Though it is simple, it is effective as long as business owners are always willing to hand out business cards and answer questions.

Lead capture pages are one of the best tools for growing any MLM marketing network business to its full potential. These pages do a lot of the hard work for the business owner by helping to weed out non-interested parties from those who may truly want to know more about the business or products.